Crystals and Energy Work in Chiang Mai

Energy Work Classes by Guy Harriman

Classes Overview

Classes taught by Guy are available most afternoons at the Healng Center. They typically run from 2pm to 5pm. Guy enjoys teaching individuals and small groups. This makes the focus of the classes very individual and in tune with the individual studnet. The primary focus of the teaching is experiential. Although theory and left-brain aspects of each subject is coevered, this soul-guided appraoch is offered for those seeking intuitive wisdom. If you are looking just for left-brain book knowledge and Cartesian analytical and mechanical dialectics, this style may not be of interest to you. Guy prefers to empower his studets and clients, and does not force feed other people's truths. The soul has a deeper awareness than that, and Guy works at the soul level, while acknowledging the purpose of the ego and intellect.

The benefits of learning with Guy is that your own wisdom and soul journey is honored and respected by Guy, and that the class is a meeting and sharing at an emotional as well as cognitive level. Learning in the preesenceo of the four big crystals has proven for many to be a profound experience, opening up the soul to sensitivities generally blocked in most people since the end of true childhood.

Guy was attuned as a reiki master in 1996, and has been teaching reiki and other forms of energy work since. Guy first worked with crystals stortly afterwards, and bought the first two of his big crystals in Mill Valley, California, in 1999. Guy generally teaches individuals or small groups, but sometiimes holds workshops for larger groups if requested.

Reiki levels 1, 2, and 3 (master):


Guy is a third degree reiki master, measured from Mrs. Tanaka, who in the 1970s taught 21 westerners reiki, for the first time sharing this Japanese energy healing art with the west. Beth Gray was one of these 21, and Heather Riley, Guy's first reiki teacher, was Beth's assistant for many years in Australia and California. Guy was first attuned to reiki in 1995, and became a reiki master (teacher) in 1996. Guy prefers to use a similar approach to Dr. Usui, the founder of this reiki system which is now used throught the world. Dr. Usui was simple in his approach, using direct teaching without a rigid intellectual structure. The more complex left-brain approach has since become the orthodox way of teaching reiki. Dr. Usui would teach all three levels at one time, and did not charge for his teaching. He gave it as a spiritual gift to his students. He taught many beggars in Japan in an effort to give them something of value they could do to improve their lives.

Guy often informally attunes people to feeling the chi by using his medical chi gong skill of consciously projecting the chi to the receiver's palm. The center of the palm is known as the "la dong" in Chinese Taoist chi gong. The la dong and it's equivalent in the foot, often called the "bubbling spring" in chi gong, are the most powerful energy portals in the body. Guy's approach is to first demonstrate the ability to feel the chi in the la dong. This allows those who are not aware of the feeling of the chi in their body to make a cognitive connection, and therefore let go of their mental blocks to feeling the chi. Guy has done this simple quick attunement to many hundreds of people all over the world when they are interested, so they can learn to feel the chi directly.

Guy's style of teaching reiki is very direct and experiential, facilitating the student in feeling energy and gaining confidence and awareness in using it in daily life.

Reiki is a beautiful and simple way of connecting the body and soul to the energy of the universe. The receiver is taken on a soul journey as they allow the channelled energy to flow. Through the use of reiki symbols, the receiver connects to source energy (that is, to spirit or god, depending on the words you prefer to use). It is a facilitation of entering the meditative state, and so is deeply healing and integrating for the soul, the mental body, emotional body, energy body, as well as the physical body. Reiki works directly on the five koshas, by drawing chi from the Tao and directing it to the receiver.


crystals Crystals help support energy work because they make the chi coherent. Comparing a laser light to a standard light, the laser light waves are coherent (phase-aligned), while a standard light the light waves are not phase related, and therefore less powerful. In the same way, chi flowing through a crystal becomes coherent. This means that the chi coming out of a crystal is felt more easily and powerfully than chi without a crystal being present.

Guy teaches how to work with crystals for self healing as well as working with others. Based on the student's sensitivity and awareness, Guy brings his long experience of living and working with crystals to help the student use these wonderful spiritual tools. The class includes using crystals with the chakras, learning to feel the different qualities of a wide range of crystals, and experiencing giving and receiving energy healing with cryustals.

Crystals are recognized by spiritually open people to be wonderful and powerful tools to help integration and alignment with the soul journey. Guy has lived with the big crystals in the Healing Centre since 1999, after his return from Egypt, where he had a very powerful initiation while laying in the sarcophagous of the King's Chamber of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Guy is happy to share the wonder and joy of working with crystals with you. He feels very blessed to be the keeper of the crystals, and knows that part of his mission at this time is to share these crystals's wisdom with you.

Chi Gong:

This self-healing art is widely practiced in China and other parts of Asia. This class teaches a simple to learn and remember sequence of movements which use the energy of the sun and moon to balance and clear the body. If used as part of a daily practice it transforms consciousness and brings centeredness and peace to the student.


Chi gong is a meditative energy practice, and can be deeply relaxing and detoxifying on all five energetic levels (physical, auric, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Chi gong is an ancient Taoist practice, known to date back at least 5000 years, and most likely much earlier, as part of pre-Taoist shamanic systems in Asia, when the indigenous cultures held animistic beliefs.

Tok Sen:

Tok Sen is an oral tradition from the north of Thailand handed down through the farming families for 5000 years. Guy teaches Tok Sen with this awareness. It is easy to learn once you understand the principles and develop the sensitivity required to use it without hurting the receiver. Tok Sen means "take off energy" in Thai, in other words it is a technique to clear blocked energy. Tok Sen uses mechanical and sound vibration, working deeply through the fascia and muscles. Tok Sen employs a wooden stick, hit with a matching mallet, to send sound vibrations into the clients body. The effect is unique, and has proven to be powerful for releasing long-held knots, as well as old injuries. It is also an energy practice, like acupuncture. The energy carried by the sound vibrations reaches deep into the body, and in this way clears old and deeply held energy blocks in the client's body. You can buy original north Tha token sen tools here.

This youtube video shows Guy teaching a one day seminar on Tok Sen in San Fransisco, during June 2009: