Crystals and Energy Work in Chiang Mai

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Directions to the LannaYoga Healing Center from Central Airport Plaza

Go to Central Airport Plaza, which is south of the center of Chiang Mai. Central Airport Plaza is at the junction of Mahidol Road (1141) and Hang Dong Road (108, with a sign to Mae Hong Song). Go straight on Hang Dong Road (towards Mae Hong Song), past Tesco Lotus (on your left) until after about 2km you reach the Big C (on your left) at the junction of Hang Dong Road and the inner ring road (3029). Turn left towards the river on the inner ring road (i.e. away from the airport). After about 1km the inner ring road crosses the Ping River. Continue another 1km until you see the sign for Global House on your left. Just before Global House, take the U turn, and then drive back towards the river. Turn left on the third soi (do not count the driveway into someone's business after the first soi, make sure you only count the three sois which have real road markings). The third soi has a sign for McKean Rehabilitation Center (along with many other signs, see photo R), and is about 200m from the big bridge across the Ping river. Follow the road for about 2km, past the McKean Rehabilitation Center on your right, and then past a large christian church also on your right. About 200m after the church there is a small covered market (photo F) on your left, and a sign for Wat Paa Gluay (photo G). Turn left here and follow the road until you come to the wat (photo H), and then follow the road to your left (photo I) as you pass around and behind the wat. There is a rice field on both sides (photo J, K) of the road. At the first junction there is a warehouse (photo L). Take the small soi to your right just before the warehouse (photo M). This soi runs alongside the wall of the warehouse. After a small curve (photo N) in the road you will see the LannaYoga Healing Center (photo A) gate on your right.

Photos O, P, and Q are at the end of the soi where it connects to the second ring road (121). If you are coming along this ring road, further away from the city center than the inner ring road (3029), look out for the cement factory (photo O), the Thai sign there (photo P), and the turn into the soi (photo Q) which is just to the east of the bridge on the 121 ring road over the Ping river. After less than 1km, this soi passes the gates to the Healing Center (photo A).

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